About Judy Webber


Judy Webber has spent her entire life involved in the arts, particularly visual art.  She has a Bachelors/Masters in Art and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  Additionally, she is university certified in Web Design and in Graphic Design.  She is currently an independent contractor in web design, graphics, art, and education, as well as a watermedia artist.  Watercolor is her media of choice although she also enjoys acrylics, mixed media, and watermedia collage.

Judy has done everything from painting murals, building floats, and making moccasins to free forming Plexiglas skateboards.  Ceramics, weaving, printmaking, candle arts, enameling, acrylics, oils, watercolors, gouache, egg tempera, batik, lapidary...there's not much she hasn't tried at one time or another!  She has been a city art director, K-12 art supervisor, university art project director, chair of numerous county and regional Visual and Performing Arts Committees, CSU university lecturer in art for a number of years, UC consultant in the arts, recognized for state leadership in the arts, and a secondary art teacher for over 30 years.   Presently, Judy concentrates on her watercolors.  She says she is back where she started due to the fact she loved watercolors in college and has demonstrated in watercolors for years. 

"When you are painting for others, you often forget the artist in you," says Webber.  Having painted mainly realistically during her teaching career, Judy is discovering her inner artist through original images she perceives before she paints.  She often paints wet on wet with watercolor glazes and spray, using chemical knowledge of what colors will do.  Very keen on nature and ecology, Judy feels in tune with shapes and colors that create moods.  Having become a Californian over thirty years ago, she has strong ties to the mountains of California and finds them a constant source of subject matter. 

Judy Webber has exhibited in a number of venues in California, Arizona, and in Oklahoma.  She also has had her art displayed as part of the California art subject matter projects.  Additionally, Judy has set up gallery shows for the arts at Idyllwild, San Bernardino education center, CSUSB art education, and in Oklahoma.  Judy Webber is the web designer and webmaster for Associated Artists of the Inland Empire and Art Box Studio, as well as others.